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X-X-2018, the CircR2Disease was formally launched.

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Welcome to CircR2Disease

Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are widely expressed in diverse eukaryotic species and are characterized by covalently closed RNA loops through backsplicing events. They are known to function as miRNA sponges, regulators of alternative splicing, transcription factors and protein-coding templates for translation. To date, dysregulation of circRNAs have been associated with a group of diseases, i.e. various cancer, neurodegeneration disease. Here, CircR2Disease curated a database for experimentally supported associations between circRNAs and diseases, providing a platform for investigating mechanism of the disease-related circRNAs.

How to use CircR2Disease

-browse the corresponding entries by circRNA name or disease name

-search the corresponding entries by circRNA name or disease name

-download all experimentally supported circRNA-disease associations

-submit new entries into the CircR2Disease database

-help user can get a detailed usage of CircR2Disease

The application of CircR2Disease

- Help users quickly find their interesting relationship between circRNAs and diseases

- Explore the appropriate algorithms or models for the circRNA-disease associations

- Investigate the function and molecular mechanisms of circRNAs in diseases

- Identify novel disease-related biomarker and drug targets.